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ASCII art bonanza!

I’ve posted new versions of both Weatherspect and Asciiquarium, so the three people on the internet who still care about ASCII art will be thrilled.

Weatherspect v1.11 just distributes some of the critters in the trees, instead of having everything walk along the bottom of the screen.

Asciiquarium v1.1 (only 8 years after 1.0!) adds a few new random creatures, plus a fish hook that will occasionally snag an unwary fish.

Win32::InstallShield v0.6

I’ve posted version 0.6 of Win32::InstallShield on CPAN and here. Torsten Werner discovered that the ISM file’s encoding wasn’t obeyed and kindly offered a fix. It will now attempt to detect the encoding from the XML declaration, or allow you to set it manually.

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