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Android SeekBar preference v2

A couple of years ago, I posted an Android SeekBar preference widget that I’d written. Since then, people have regularly posted fixes and enhancements. This is a new version that includes those fixes. I decided to make a new post because the thread on the old one was getting a bit long, and hopefully those problems will be gone now. Special thanks to Yair from KwazyLabs for layout updates that should make the widget behave itself when the theme is not the default.

Here’s v2 of the preference, as it appears in Dislexicon:

SeekBar Preference v2

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Android SeekBar preference

Attention: This version of the SeekBar is obsolete, check out the new version instead

While working on my Android implementation of the Dislexicon, I realized I would need a SeekBar preference to adjust the text-to-speech speed. I found a couple of SeekBar prefs online, but none of them fit my needs. Specifically, I wanted it to:

  1. Appear on the main preference screen, instead of a separate window accessed via a button
  2. Fill the entire width of the screen
  3. Allow a minimum value other than zero

Here’s what I ended up with, as it appears in Dislexicon:

SeekBar Preference

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I’ve created a new Android Dislexicon app. It’s free, and it’s blue! What are you waiting for!

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