UNIX date command tool

I’ve had a number of instances lately where I needed to manually set the date on a UNIX machine that didn’t have internet access, so I made a little page to generate the date setting commands with the correct current time.


There’s a setting to force the date a little into the future (5 seconds by default), to give you time to paste it into a command prompt and still be pretty close to correct.

Spartan New Tab Chrome extension

I’ve recently switched from Firefox to Chrome, but I don’t care for the default Chrome “New Tab” page. The Firefox version was never quite what I wanted either, so I decided to make an extension for Chrome to work the way I wanted: a grid with giant buttons for my most visited sites. Here’s my requirements:

  • Extremely simple layout
  • No extraneous features (like weather, todo lists, etc)
  • Easy management of the sites that appear on the page

So here’s the result: Spartan New Tab. I have a few features to add, but it’s usable as it is.

Spartan New Tab page

Spartan New Tab page

Captain America coasters

A while back, I decided for some reason that I wanted to make some wooden coasters (the furniture protectors, not the thrilling ride), even though I never use coasters. Being a big Captain America fan, I thought his conveniently shaped shield would make a good pattern (the round one, not this one).

Below are the steps I used to make them.
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Creative guitar stringing

I ran across a unique guitar stringing technique today at a pawn shop. Somehow they managed to run all the strings backwards. I don’t know how they’re attached at the other end. I wonder what they thought those little circles at the end were for. It’s a left-handed guitar, so maybe someone told them they had to string it backwards relative to a right-handed guitar and they misunderstood “backwards”?


Rio de Janeiro panorama

When I was in Brazil last year, I took a bunch of pictures of the view from Cristo Redentor and stitched them together into a panorama.

View of Rio de Janeiro from Cristo Redentor

It was a clear day, but the image gets a bit cloudy in the distance. It’s still fun to search around for interesting details. It’s like a giant Where’s Waldo.

Android SeekBar preference v2

A couple of years ago, I posted an Android SeekBar preference widget that I’d written. Since then, people have regularly posted fixes and enhancements. This is a new version that includes those fixes. I decided to make a new post because the thread on the old one was getting a bit long, and hopefully those problems will be gone now. Special thanks to Yair from KwazyLabs for layout updates that should make the widget behave itself when the theme is not the default.

Here’s v2 of the preference, as it appears in Dislexicon:

SeekBar Preference v2

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ASCII art bonanza!

I’ve posted new versions of both Weatherspect and Asciiquarium, so the three people on the internet who still care about ASCII art will be thrilled.

Weatherspect v1.11 just distributes some of the critters in the trees, instead of having everything walk along the bottom of the screen.

Asciiquarium v1.1 (only 8 years after 1.0!) adds a few new random creatures, plus a fish hook that will occasionally snag an unwary fish.

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