WeatherSpect v1.11
                    by Kirk Baucom 

WeatherSpect provides a reasonably accurate simulation of what the
weather looks like outside, in ASCII art. It includes rain, snow,
lightning, sleet, and hail. The windspeed and cloudiness are reflected
in the velocity and quantity of clouds. There are trees that age,
reproduce and die over the course of an hour, and a sun and moon that
follow the actual sun and moonrise. There's also a dancing turtle.


WeatherSpect is a single perl script, so all you have to do is make sure
it's executable and put it somewhere convenient, like /usr/local/bin or


You must have the Term::Animation module, which you can get from The Term::Animation module also requires the
Curses module, which you can also get from CPAN.


Kevin Ferree (
	All art in the code marked with 'kf'

Hayley Wakenshaw (
	All art in the code marked with 'hjw'

Joan Stark (
	All art in the code marked with 'jgs'

You can grep for ATTRIB in the code to get a list of credits for all
the ASCII art.


Before weatherspect will work, you have to create a config file
for it. Running it with the -c option will prompt you for info
to create a config file in ~/.weatherspect.

       weatherspect [-f ]
       weatherspect -c [-f ]
       weatherspect -h

        -h              Print this help message
        -f        Supply a config file to use instead of the default
        -c              Generate a config file

While weatherspect is running, the following commands are available:

	q	Quit
	h	Toggle the help window
	w	Toggle the detailed weather info window
	d	Toggle the debug window
	u	Force an update of weather data
	r	Redraw. This will remove all objects
		and recreate them, probably in different places.