Changes for WeatherSpect

Version 1.11 (2013/03/09)
	- Made some of the critters walk through the trees
Version 1.10 (2012/12/05)
	- Added a bit of error checking for missing weather data

Version 1.9 (2011/05/16)
	- Included a modified copy of Weather::Underground, since the published
	  version no longer works.
	- Better error handling of malformed weather data
	- Automatically redraw the scene when the window has been resized
	- Added a turkey dodging falling pumpkins for thanksgiving
	- Added an 'entities' parameter to the config, to control how many
	  random entities are on the screen at a time.

Version 1.8 (2007//)
	- Fixed a bug reported by 'sylvan' on When the weather
	  data didn't include a (sun|moon)(rise|set) time, an error was produced.
	  There's now a default for these values if they aren't found.

Version 1.7 (2006/12/15)
	- Added help, weather, and debug info screens
	- Added some new random objects: segway, scooter, helicopter, mario
	- Replaced the lousy looking airplane with a better one
	- Added a couple of snowmen and snowflakes that show up when 
	  it's snowing
	- Added a Santa Claus that shows up around Christmas, and
	  a ghost that shows up around halloween

Version 1.6 (2005/11/17)
	- Updated to work with Weather::Underground 3.02
	- Added a sky and horizon
	- Added moon phases
	- Made the sun and moon follow sun/moon rise/set
	- Made the number of clouds scale based on the size of the sky
	- Added a variety of fruit trees

Version 1.5 (2005/07/19)
	- Updated to use Term::Animation 2.0
	- Added a knight and a dog
	- Automatically set the number of trees based on the size
	  of the terminal

Version 1.4 (2004/08/05)
	- Fixed a bug that prevented the clouds from being white
	  in good weather
	- Added 2 cars, bus, space shuttle, snail, elephant, rabbit,
	  chicken, ducks and a satellite
	- Now requires Term::Animation v1.1

Version 1.31 (2004/07/16)
	- Well I thought I had fixed all the cloud bugs...
	- Fixed a bug that cause clouds to not be updated
	  after the windspeed went to zero

Version 1.3 (2004/07/15)
	- Finally got all the bugs worked out of the clouds
	- Added force-weather-update key 'u'
	- Fixed parsing of 'Variable' wind direction

Version 1.2 (2004/05/16)
	- Fix for new temperature and wind formats

Version 1.1 (2003/12/26)
	- Added color support. You'll probably want to generate
	  a new config file if you have an old one
	- Fixed a bug that prevented the number of clouds from
	  being reduced
	- Correct some weather condtion recognition differences
	  between Geo::Weather and Weather::Underground
	- Now ignore SIGWINCH, use 'r' to redraw after resizing
	  a terminal window
	- Added a 'q' command to exit, for those who find Ctrl-c
	  a barbaric way to exit

Version 1.0 (2003/11/10)
	- Switched from Geo::Weather to Weather::Underground
	  for weather data
	- Removed support for proxies (it was only there because
	  Geo::Weather supported them)
	- A few changes to layout of the weater data sign
	- Some changes to make the animation look better on a
	  large terminal window

Version 0.6 (2003/09/18)
	- Added config file
	- Added command line flags -f, -c and -h
	- Fixed crashes when unable to retrieve weather data
	- Made cloud speed and number reflect weather
	- Added precipitation and lightning
	- Added 'last update' time and removed dewpoint

Version 0.5 (2003/08/25)
	- moved weather update code into a subroutine
	- added some comments and tidied up for release

Version 0.4 (2003/07/27)
	- changed arguments to build_object from a list to
	  a hash, to hopefully make it less unwieldy
	- lots of changes to accommodate changes to Term::Animation

Version 0.3 (2003/05/26)
	- changes to make use of curses in Term::Animation

Version 0.2 (2003/05/04)
	- split animation code off into Term::Animation

Version 0.1
	- initial version