Changes for TextMaze

Version 1.2: (11/27/2003
	- Added a 'score' when you finish the maze
	  All the data used to calculate the score is printed
	  as well, so if you don't like the one textmaze gives you,
	  feel free to come up with your own.

Version 1.1: (05/25/2003)
	- switched over to using Curses instead of Term::Cap
	- changed the color section of the config file
	- some code cleanup

Version 1.0: (11/13/2001)
	- add a config file for setting keys/colors/defaults
	- changed a bunch of code around at random
	- added a timing loop to make dissolve slower on fast machines

Version 0.5: (09/05/2001)
	- maze solution code: Kyle Guilbert 
	- vi style movement keys and move counting: 
		Juan Orlandini 

Version 0.4:
	- made ANSI color effects easier to see the maze through
	- increased maze generation speed dramatically
	- made dissolve mode more efficient (reduce # of chars printed by 15x)

Version 0.3:
	- added barely functional ANSI color
	- added "disolve" mode (-d) when generating the maze

Version 0.2 and 0.1:

	- i have no idea