Revision history for Perl extension Term::Animation.

Version 2.6 (2011/03/29)
	- Removed broken pod tests

Version 2.5 (2011/03/25)
	- Added a workaround for problematic Curses/ncurses installs where the
	  constructor does not return an object
	- Added a 'follow' option, to attach one entity to another

Version 2.4 (2006/12/17)
	- Fixed a stupid bug that caused the is_living method to rarely work

Version 2.3 (2006/12/14)
	- Added framerate tracking
	- Added accessor methods for a bunch of stuff in Term::Animation::Entity

Version 2.2 (2006/10/21)
	- Added die_entity parameter when creating an entity
	- Fixed a bug that prevented the default entity position from working

Version 2.1.1 (2006/10/03)
	- Minor doc and test fixes

Version 2.1 (2005/08/23)
	- Fixed a memory leak when a entity is physical but
	  doesn't have a collision handler
	- Added get_entities and entity_count

Version 2.0.1 (2005/07/13)
	- No changes, using a more widely usable tar format

Version 2.0 (2005/07/09)
	- Added Term::Animation::Entity to replace the previous
	  hash that an animation entity was composed of.
	- This version breaks backwards compatibility with
	  previous versions. See MIGRATION for details on
	  moving to this version.
	- Added optional collision detection between entities
	- Names are no longer required for entities
	- The direction of the Z dimension (depth) has been
	  reversed. Higher numbers now indicate that the
	  entity is further away

Version 1.1 (2004/08/02)
	- Added is_valid_color get_screen_size get_size set_shape
	  set_color set_default color
	- width() and height() now return actual value, instead
	  of actual - 1
	- Fixed a bug when parsing color masks that are not
	  the same size as the sprite they are for

Version 1.0 (2003/12/26)
	- Added ANSI color support.
	- Reduced CPU utilization
	- Made screen resizing with update_term_size work
	- Added 'animate' call to simplfy main animation loops

Version 0.5 (2003/09/18)
	- Added fractional frame deltas to move_object
	- Fixed a bug that caused move_object to mangle 
	  fractional x/y postions when wrapping around the screen
	- Added some routines to get info about animation objects
	  (get_current_frame, get_postion, exist, width, height)
	- Now strip newline from the beginning of object shapes for convenience
	- Added 'end' function to tidy up terminal settings when the program exits

Version 0.4 (2003/07/27)
	- Initial public release
	- Code cleanup and documentation

Version 0.3 (2003/04/17)
	- Switched from Term::Cap to Curses
	- Added path generator gen_path

Version 0.2 (2003/02/15)
	- Added support for multiple frames of animation for
	  a single object
	- Added automatic transparency for sprites
	- Added callbacks and default callback routine

Version 0.1
	- Initial semi-functional version