The Amazing Virtual Drink Machine!

All the Fun and Excitement of a real drink machine, without all the drinks!

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Please keep in mind that the Virtual Drink Machine is a work in progress, ie. most of it doesn't work right. Most of the links should work, but some of the behavior might seem odd. The Virtual Drink Machine can at times be warm and friendly, but suddenly become sullen and withdrawn. The Virtual Drink Machine requires javascript for some functionality. If the Virtual Drink Machine insists on paying for dinner, I urge you to just let it go. Do not accuse the Virtual Drink Machine of taking your money. If you recieve a drink with a thin coating of viscous green fluid, contact a physician immediately. Any comments that the Virtual Drink Machine makes are the sole opinions of the Virtual Drink Machine, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Kirk Baucom, Robobunny himself, Robobunny Technologies, or its parent company Industrial Fluids and Solvents Inc.